We are currently executing a number of projects delivering our TeleMedicine and Community Safety/Business Continuity Platform.

Our most recent TeleMedicine module is called MindMe and it is a modular application designed specifically to connect individuals at risk of suicide with therapists and other professionals. The solution has been created by The TelePsych Alliance, a collaborative partnership between New York Presbyterian/Cornell Medical College, Burke Medical Research Institute and Interlecta Mobile Innovations. The solution takes advantage of state-of-the art real time communications technology, including GENBAND’s WebRTC open standard which makes it possible for people to message, talk and video conference from any Internet device requiring only a browser

Community Safety and Business Continuity Management Safety Programs both share the same holistic management process that identifies potential threats to a community or organization and their impact to day to day activities those threats, if realized. Our http://www.SafetyCard360.com platform provides a framework for building organizational resilience along with the capability of an effective response that safeguards the interests of  the community, reputation, brand and value-creating activities.

SafetyCard360 provides users with life safety and crisis management information at their fingertips through an innovative mobile application. Our application replaces both the traditional paper-based emergency response “flip charts” and wallet cards that only contain basic security and emergency telephone numbers.

  • Allows everyone access to threat specific safety information
  • Provides concise and relevant crisis information
  • Demonstrates commitment to protecting employees
  • Supports family disaster planning

SFC360 is implemented with Corporate Customers (available upon request) and a handful of Local & County in the Us as well as a growing number of  metropolitan municipal locations in the European Union