2007 -2010

Interlecta was established in 2007 as a provider of Mobile Machine Translation Services and Solutions to market-leading Global companies. With offices in the EU and the US, our company served a rapidly-growing list of more than 100 clients, ranging from small entrepreneurs to Fortune 1000 corporations. Our initial Messaging and Machine Translation products gained first to market status and secured elite status in the BlackBerry, Samsung and Nokia Alliance programs as well as various global mobile operators.

In driving the “Globalization” of successful business models through enhanced communications development, alongside general mobile application development and website development, we quickly discovered that many customers asked for similar solutions with overlapping features. Those same customers often found the development cost of a custom mobile application for a single or multiple platform (i.e. iPhone, Android, BBerry) to be a bit beyond their budget. We learned, too, that customers wanted independent control and ownership over their applications. Once it was completed, they preferred not to have to come back to us for content changes to their app.

2010 -2012

These observations led us to develop a modular approach to all of our design efforts and subsequently to develop a highly scalable and powerful Open Source application platform that offers cost effective solutions to a wide range of business sizes , and budgets..In  late 2010 we cut back on our stand alone Machine Translation projects in order to focus on our custom development to customers increasingly requesting location based tools/services, audio/video chat as well as enhanced global communications, all sitting on our Platform. This proved to be a significant event in our corporate history and in late 2011 we launched the scalable, feature rich and affordable Interlecta Mobile Platform.

2012 – Present

Today, we have many thousands of customers successfully using our mobile apps. Our evolution into WebRTC, context-aware, physical sensor and data exchange technologies was accelerated in 2013 with the simultaneous development and testing of our enterprise scaled and modular Charitable Giving, Social Network, TeleMedicine and Business Continuity platforms.

2014 has seen the continued successful rollout of our TeleMedicine/TeleRehab and Business Continuity products

While we continue to add more features and refine the experience, our goal hasn’t changed:  We are still committed to the same quality service and careful attention to customer satisfaction that characterized our initial philosophy; and we get better and better at exceeding our promises and commitments every day…

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