TelePsych Alliance MindMe Platform

The TelePsych Alliance, a collaborative partnership between Interlecta Mobile Innovations, New York Presbyterian/Cornell Medical College and Burke Medical Research Institute is responding to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which states that more than 40,000 Americans will take their own lives this year. MindMe, A real time communications (RTC) solution to combat the problem is going into clinical trials later this summer, tapping into the power of GENBAND Kandy to provide a 24×7 professional lifeline for at risk patients.

MindMe is an application that starts with a foundation of a “companion” for an individual who needs care. It takes the wisdom of the treating therapist and puts it into the hands of the patient. If the user finds they are in distress, he or she can pull up thisĀ telemedicine app and start going through a question/response series to assess their emotions and thoughts. The application then moves onto approved strategies for addressing any negative emotions that are being experienced.


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